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Sanctum - season one

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Sanctum - Season One


Nearly all of the ravage-torn Chernarus is uninhabitable.  Increased undead and aggressive animals have taken over the entire area to the point that it is very difficult to survive destroying every shred of a once peaceful life.  Zombies congest the urban areas, while packs of wild wolves and bears ravenous for food make the woodlands a death trap.  Those among the living are forced into hiding if they have any chance of staying alive, albeit an incredibly dangerous and difficult way of life.


Most of the livestock are gone as they were the first to be torn apart by the undead and picked off by starving predators.  A few rogue deer and boar can be spotted from time to time, but are usually gone quickly.  There are a few sources of fresh food lingering on the ground, but most have rotted.  Natural water sources have all been contaminated by the massive amounts of radiation sent in to kill off the unliving.  From time to time, there have been supplies dropped from crossing planes or helicopters, but those are few and far between.


The remaining survivors are cut off from the outside world, however, rumors find their way in and managed to flood Chernarus with fear and doubt.  Radio signals can never seem to breach the invisible wall that surrounds the Chernarus region, most likely due to the levels of radiation.  Some whisper that a voice can be heard transmitted across some areas in Chernarus.  The location of the broadcast is unknown and completely random.


All global governments, as far as our survivors are concerned, no longer exist.  This includes Chernarus Military and other entities such as the United Nations or NATO.  Shit, Elon Musk can't even help.  The closest thing to any resemblance of a military that survivors encounter is large mercenary groups, like Red Star. These mercenaries are able to stage operations within the Chernarus region, but these interventions do not come cheap.

Chapter one

By the time any official response was given, it was far too late. Rumors, half-truths, and outright lies moved faster than the hordes of infected and claimed nearly as many lives. Tales of biological weapons, viruses freed from melting tundra, and even the supernatural have made the rounds. What to believe is left to the one believing, as the only truth left is a violent death.


Small bands of disparate survivors cling to the safety, real or imagined, of conclaves fortified against the infected. Some have stood tall, bastions of hope against the rising tide of darkness. Others have fallen, and only shattered walls remain to bear witness to them ever existing at all. Out of this darkness has risen a conclave that seeks to do more than just survive; they seek to thrive. They endeavor to cast off the chains of fear and despair, to make real the promise that has been denied by so many.

Chapter Two

Coming soon....

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