All about Just Carina
My name is Carina...

Born and raised in the foothills of Denver, I grew up outdoors.  My father was a private investor in the stock market and an attorney.  He graduated college, earned his law degree AND went on to receive his Masters in Economics from Columbia.  My mother was an English teacher and received her college degree when only 10% of women graduated college!


I graduated high school and went straight to college.  I attended several different colleges and traveled the country.  After receiving my degree in Accounting, I got a job working for a company as a compliance auditor.


I continued to work as an auditor for different firms in the Denver area but I eventually got laid off and decided to stay at home to raise my four wonderful children.  My husband continued to work and travel.  I always wanted to do more.


To earn more.

Enter our move to Chicago and my photography business.  I worked at home while adding another member to our family.  Shortly after that, my health became a challenge.  My whole world turned upside down.  

Taking a moment on the beach
Life Changes

After a week trip to camping in Yellowstone with my kids, I started experiencing horrible breathing problems which lead me straight to the hospital for a little mini-mom vaca in the worse way.  


Fast forward a year, I finally got to the bottom of my lung issues.  My husband and I flew all over the country seeing several different specialists and had a multiple of tests done. I am officially diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.  We are still trying to determine why I have this lung disease with DNA testing.  


*Spoiler alert! I am only one bad lung infection away from being put on a lung transplant list, so my health is paramount.  AND as if that wasn't enough, during my travels and testing, I discovered I am high risk for pancreatic cancer.  So, now I have two "high maintenance" organs I have to keep happy and healthy.  What does this all mean?  I don't like smoke, people who are sick and conduct a breathing therapy treatment twice a day.


That brings me to the here and now.  I have made choices to minimize my exposure to anything that may cause my lungs to get irritated as well as keeping my pancreas happy.  That brings me to my two life choices of Beautycounter and Norwex.  I use them both to eliminate harsh chemicals that we are exposed to daily.  I am NOT going down without a fight.  And since my diseases are genetic, I hope that my choices and habits will show the way to my kids.  So, while I make the easy choice to leave chemicals out of my home, I am also bringing in extra income to my family.  Three kids in college can put a huge strain on any budget, including ours.

Looking Forward