• Carina Kocsis

Spring Is Here~

Soooo super excited! It is getting warmer here in Indiana and it’s just about time for me to go outside and get my hands dirty! We bought a new house that needs a TON of TLC, so I have lots to do.

My thumb is turning green as I type! Here is what I planted SO FAR. Can wait for warmer weather so I can build my window boxes and shutters.

As you can see I planted some Cilantro, Oregano, Garlic Chives (amazing, my fav), Thyme Green Onion.

My little parsley plant is taking off. I am thinking of making a little indoor herb garden out of mason jars and a pallet. Since I started cooking a lot more, having fresh herbs on hand will be a major plus!

Never tried broccoli so hopefully this will be a successful crop. lol… as you may have noticed, I also started morning glory, poppy and cosmos.

A few more seedlings. I had pepper and garlic chives in my garden in Colorado. I LOVED IT! I would just pick my lunch. Yum!!

I Love Gardening~

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