June 15, 2017

New Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion adjusts hydration levels throughout the day, giving skin 24 hours of optimal hydration

March 20, 2017


Wandering down the beauty aisle, you’re likely to see words like “organic” or “chemical-free” on your mascara or body wash labels. They match your healthy lifestyle, so you’re good, right? Actually,...

February 22, 2017

So I've started this website and this blog to show things that I love and things I love to do. Here is one… I love love love to build stuff. I mean getting a nail and hammer and building anything. This one came across my inbox and I knew I had to try it.


February 18, 2017

Is your cuddly pet leaving hair all over your clothes? Our Lint Mitt is handy and removes pet hair in a zip zap! Great for quick touch ups, too! Order it here: https://carina Kocsis.norwex.biz 

 How do you use yours?

February 18, 2017

The Ultimate Baby Collection

Made with gentle formulas for baby’s delicate skin, the Ultimate Baby Collection is a must-own for every mom. Plus, it includes a stylish diaper bag to keep all your essentials together on the go.

Collection includes:

  • Calming Diaper Rash C...

February 17, 2017

One of the things I love about Beautycounter is the mere fact that we are looking out for people's health. So when I was asked to help start a club that donates money to someone in need of some financial help for whatever reason I was so excited to be a part.

How does i...

February 17, 2017

Don't you just love these colors. Even though it's cold during these winter months, I still love these warm colors. You have six different eyeshadows. Also three different blushers. And with the Desert SUNRISE palette, you are so get to fabulous beautiful warm looking...

February 17, 2017

Say what??  Have you had the pleasure of checking these silicone tops?  I actually haven't until now.  I took advantage of this February Spend and Get sale and let me tell you how COOL this is!  I put it on everything that I normally would wrap with tin foil or Saran W...

February 16, 2017

 Well, as you could guess, I don't really like to cook.  I always wonder why because apparently I love to eat.  

So I stop for a moment to reflect on why I am not a fan of cooking.  Well, one reason is I hate to cut the veggies.  Yep.  I hate it.  I don't know...

September 18, 2016

Check out our amazing products from Norwex!!  Have a pet?  These two items are a must have!!  You can check out our whole product line here:  http://carinakocsis.norwex.biz

Winter is coming and so is wet, muddy, stinky doggy feet!    I know I am going to...

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